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meningitis & septicaemia can kill in hours!

People who are faced with meningitis and septicaemia have to act fast to help save a life.

Remembrance funds

An MRF Remembrance Fund is a unique and personal way of remembering someone special who has died as a result of meningitis and septicaemia.

Set up in the name of your loved one, a Remembrance Fund gives families and friends a focal point to support MRF in helping to prevent these dreadful diseases.

Your Remembrance Fund will help MRF fund research into the prevention, detection and treatment of meningitis and septicaemia, raise awareness of the diseases throughout the world and support those who have already been affected.

Creating a new Remembrance Fund


Once your Remembrance Page is set up, visiting the page will allow your family and friends to donate to the fund easily and effortlessly. On making their donation people will be able to post their own messages about your loved one.

Current Remembrance Funds

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