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Meningitis and septicaemia can kill and disable in hours.

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Dr Hilary JonesPatron Dr Hilary Jones sums up the symptoms
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It's estimated that 1,000 people die from meningitis and septicaemia every day. Many more are left with life-long disabilities. We have invested over £17m in vital research and health interventions which aid diagnosis. We spend around £1m a year in the UK supporting those affected and providing free information to the public and health care professionals.

Book of experience

Personal stories presenting a unique picture of how meningitis and septicaemia have affected individuals, families and whole communities.

Wioletta Tometczak
Sachin James Mason
Paul George
Audrey Cieslakowaska
Lila-Jane Nagle
Sophie Bell
Susan McGeough
Jill Palmer
Helen Brown

Robbie's story


Amputations at 21 months. Robbie & Jill talk about the after effects of septicaemia

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Sally's story


"Nobody could believe someone as healthy as Sally could have died so quickly"

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