Student programme

The fact is that students and young people are at an increased risk of getting meningitis and septicaemia - diseases that can kill and maim in hours.

We need you help to protect students, their families and friends against these devastating diseases.

How you can help

Our legendary collection raids give students the opportunity to do what they do best - dress up, plead poverty to passers by and then adjourn to the nearest pub.

If you've got the time - we've got the collection permits - whether it's your local town or a road trip to the other end of the country we can arrange the collection for you as well as supplying you with everything you need from buckets to t-shirts and stickers.

Megaraids and London Loot

Collecting Megaraids are massive collections when rags and volunteers from across the country all converge on an unsuspecting city for a day or weekend. We have several megaraids a year in Belfast, Bristol, Cardiff, Dublin and Edinburgh. Read about past events here .

London Loot is the mother of all megaraids, over 100 people collecting in London for two days just before the Easter weekend. We have permits for many of the capital's tube and mainline stations as well as shopping centres and the streets of the city itself. Each year the event continues to grow - in 2011 the event raised an incredible total of over £36,000.

More than just collections

But it's not just about persuading local townsfolk to fill your bucket. We also offer:

And being really clever, we know you're just brimming over with innovative, energetic and in some ways downright weird ways of raising loads of money. Whatever your idea get in touch with our Rags fundraiser - Susie Bailey by calling 01454 280413 or by email


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Top Rag Fundraisers

We wouldn't want to devalue the whole thing by making it competitive, but here are the top ten fundraising Rags
 Rag Total 
1 Loughborough £115,859
2 Sheffield Hallam £54,150
3 Warwick
4 Kent £45,288
5 Surrey £35,839
7 Plymouth
8Portsmouth £22,456
9Birmingham Carnival
10 Southampton£19,409
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Jenny Daniels
Meningococcal disease
Meningococcal disease at 2

Jenny talks about daughter Charlotte losing her lower arms and legs to septicaemia

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