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Marie Swindells visits the University of Leicester Date: 11 January 2012 - 11 January 2012
Location: University of Leicester

MRF Member Marie Swindells, reports on our latest site visit:

"Thank you very much for the opportunity to visit Leicester University and hear about the research programme funded by the MRF.

Although I can read about the research that takes place in Microscope , it was facinating to meet the researchers, Dr Chris Bayliss and PhD Student Fadil Bidmos. We also met their colleagues, heard them speak and then visited the laboratories in which they work. During the presentations from the various researchers I found I had to concentrate hard . My brain cells were having to dig deep as I tried to link what I had previously learned about genetics, DNA sequences, haemoglobin and proteins!

It was wonderful to hear the enthusiasm the researchers had when talking about their particular subject and to hear how they hoped this would ultimately lead to a vaccine for MenB. There were plenty of questions from those present and also a realisation that further research is needed before the MenB vaccine can be a reality.

We were invited to the laboratory where Fadil Bidmos is conducting his research and we could view some of the components of his research. At the GENIE laboratory we were given a chance to see a demonstration of how to extract DNA from a banana! We did not need much persuading to be “scientists”. We then donned the white coats and conducted the procedure ourselves! What excitement as we used our pestle and mortars, pippettes, filters and alcohol. Thank you so much for organising this most informative session."