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Mike Taylor
MRF Head of Fundraising
Mike Taylor

I’ve been running my own management training consultancy since 1995, and am excited to...

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Overseas adventures

Be prepared for a truly life changing experience, use the map below to explore the many trips we have available all over the globe.


Great Wall of China Trek Great Wall of China Trek
Trek and explore the ancient watchtowers and incredible views along the Great Wall of China

Brazilian Trek and Kayak Brazilian Trek and Kayak

Trek in Brazil's most Atlantic Rainforest scenery

Trek to Machu Picchu Trek to Machu Picchu
Explore historic Cusco and the Sacred Valley before treking through the cloud forrests and mountains to reach the amazing Inca city of Machu Picchu.

Sahara Desert Trek Sahara Desert Trek
The hidden communities of the Sahara

Etna Volcanic Adventure Etna Volcanic Adventure
Climb to the summit the highest active volcano in Europe

Footsteps of the Maasai Footsteps of the Maasai
The challenge of the wild African bush

Icelandic Lava Trek Icelandic Lava Trek
Active volcanoes, sheer cliffs, glaciers, thundering waterfalls, steaming lava fields, plunging fjords, boiling mud pools and spouting geysers!

Little Tibet Trek Little Tibet Trek
The unique culture of the high Himalaya

North Pole Challenge North Pole Challenge
North Pole
A trip of a lifetime

Stok Kangri Summit Trek Stok Kangri Summit Trek

An outstanding trek to the summit of India's magnificent mountain, Stok Kangr

Trek to the Home of the Dali Lama Trek to the Home of the Dali Lama
A pristine and unspoilt area to trek

Trek Transylvania Trek Transylvania
A region rich in tradition and myth

Vietnam Experience Vietnam Experience
Captivating natural beauty

Costa Rica Trek Costa Rica Trek

Journey on foot and by raft from the Pacific to the Caribbean coast

Hill Tribe Trek Hill Tribe Trek
Deep into the heart of the Highlands of North Vietnam

Poon Hill Trek Poon Hill Trek
Pure Himalayan magic!

Jordan trek Jordan trek
One of the 40 places to see before you die

Sumatra Jungle Challenge Sumatra Jungle Challenge
An astounding array of plants and wildlife in the orangutans’ rainforest home

Grand Canyon Trek Grand Canyon Trek
Explore a natural wonder of the world

Kayaking & Rafting

Brazilian Trek and Kayak Brazilian Trek and Kayak

Trek in Brazil's most Atlantic Rainforest scenery

Zambeszi Blast Zambeszi Blast
Charity challenges just don't get much more extreme than this!


London to Paris Bike Ride London to Paris Bike Ride
London to Paris
The cycle was really challenging, it was hot and hilly, but was more than worth it for the sense of achievement.

Cuban Cycle Cuban Cycle
Cover 350kms from coast to coast

Cycle Machu Picchu to the Amazon Cycle Machu Picchu to the Amazon
Peru & Brazil
Visit the Inca capital of Cusco and cycle through rural Andean communities

Rajastan Tiger Challenge Rajastan Tiger Challenge
Desert landscapes, fantastic wildlife, exquisite forts, bustling cities and rural life that seems frozen in time.

Saigon to Angkor Wat Cycle Saigon to Angkor Wat Cycle
Deep in the heart of the lush Mekong Delta

Euro City Cycle Euro City Cycle
Holland & Belgium
Cycle 300 hundred miles, in 3 countries to 3 capitals - London, Amsterdam and Brussels

Death Valley Cycle Death Valley Cycle
Have you got what it takes to the survive Death Valley Cycling Challenge…?

Land of the Kings Cycle Land of the Kings Cycle

Indian Bike Ride Indian Bike Ride
Memories that will last forever

Vietnam Bike Ride Vietnam Bike Ride
Overwhelming beauty

Great Wall Cycle Great Wall Cycle
Cycle the most famous fortifications on earth

Dog Sledding

Lapland Husky Trail Lapland Husky Trail
Spend six days sledding through rolling highlands and deep forest into the heart of Lapland. An experience you will never forget

Mountain Treking

Avenue of the Volcanoes Trek Avenue of the Volcanoes Trek

Trek at high altitude in the Ecuadorian Andes and climb Cotopaxi, the world's highest active volcano

High Atlas Summit Trek High Atlas Summit Trek
The splendour and colour of Morocco

Simien Mountain Trek Simien Mountain Trek

Tough but rewarding

Mount Toubkal Trek Mount Toubkal Trek
Trekking though a magnificent mountain range

Everest Base Camp Everest Base Camp
Trek through the high Himalayas

Mount Kilimanjaro Trek Mount Kilimanjaro Trek
Mount Kilimanjaro
"There's a million things I could tell you about, but the bottom line is that it was incredible. It was very hard, it was scary, it was emotional, it was funny. I met 18 strangers and made friends for life. It was breathtakingly beautiful and...


Indian Motorcycle Challenge Indian Motorcycle Challenge
Experience the culture of India, all on motorbike!