Supporting better child healthcare

Supporting better child healthcare

15 July 2013

We support the President of the Royal College Paediatrics and Child Health in her view that more can be done around child health care in the UK.

Dr Hilary Cass, who is also a consultant paediatrician at London’s Evelina children’s hospital, says five children die unnecessarily every day of conditions such as meningitis, asthma and pneumonia because the NHS is badly organised, dangerously inadequate and in some cases lacking paediatric skills.

Interviewed by the Observer newspaper, she cites World Health Organization research which shows the UK has by far the highest number of yearly preventable deaths of children up the age of 14 compared to 13 other countries in Europe.

“In Britain there are five deaths of children every day – 2,000 a year – that are preventable and unnecessary if our services perform as well as those of Sweden.

“The country’s children are our future. We should do better. This is a major crisis .... If services were improved we could do something about those five day.”

Our Chief Executive Officer Chris Head says: “Dr Cass raises some very important points at a pivotal moment in our meningitis campaigning – as we await the recommendations for a Men B vaccine.

“This charity continually strives for excellent childcare, proving healthcare professionals with updated information on the signs and symptoms of meningitis and septicaemia year-round. We support everyone who believes in taking action to prevent unnecessary deaths. No child in the UK or anywhere in the world should die from a preventable disease.”

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