Students raid Cardiff to beat meningitis

Students raid Cardiff to beat meningitis

19 March 2013

Students from eight different UK universities (Cardiff , Glamorgan, Portsmouth, Loughborough, Plymouth, Surrey, Sheffield Hallam, Kent and Bristol) took to the streets of Cardiff city centre last month to raise funds for Meningitis Research Foundation.

Students spent the weekend at various locations around the city wearing fancy dress and brandishing their collecting buckets and raised £3635.32 as well as raising vital awareness of a disease with the public.

Meningitis and septicaemia are life threatening diseases that can kill in hours, or leave survivors with potentially devastating after effects sometimes as severe as brain damage, amputations and epilepsy. They can affect anyone of any age, but students and young adults are the second most ‘at-risk’ group in the UK after children under five.

Students are more vulnerable to the diseases when they come together in new environments, such as universities and traditionally cases begin to rise amongst this group in the autumn and winter. Meningitis and septicaemia can be hard to recognise at first and symptoms can appear in any order, and can include fever, vomiting, headache and feeling unwell. It’s vital that students know what the symptoms of meningitis are so they can distinguish between them and more common flu-like illnesses or even a hangover!

Chris Head, Chief Executive of Meningitis Research Foundation said: “ We are so grateful to our student supporters who have helped raise over £3,500 for Meningitis Research Foundation and awareness of the signs and symptoms with their Megaraid in Cardiff last month. We rely on voluntary donations to fund our vital work into the prevention, detection and treatment of the diseases and support those affected, so every penny they have raised by giving up their free time in Cardiff will make a huge difference to the charity.”

Meningitis Research Foundation provide a unique free iPhone app for students which includes a symptoms checker, emergency hospital information, latest news and links to further information. To find out more visit

Photo Caption: Michelle Vaisey and Richard Pugh from Glamorgan University collecting vital funds for Meningitis Research Foundation in Cardiff City Centre.

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