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meningitis & septicaemia can kill in hours!

People who are faced with meningitis and septicaemia have to act fast to help save a life.

Online exhibition illustrates inspirational survivors of meningitis

Online exhibition illustrates inspirational survivors of meningitis

20 May 2014

Moving photographs of meningitis survivors getting on with their lives is launched today in a new online exhibition called Focus on Meningitis. The exhibition is a mixture of professional and amateur photographs and marks MRF's 25th anniversary this month. 

Focus on Meningitis includes specially commissioned photographs of 'Paralympic Gold medallist and World Champion' Jonnie Peacock, who became an MRF Patron in 2012. He lost his right leg below the knee to meningococcal septicaemia when he was five years in October 1998 and is photographed at Loughborough University where he trains.

As well as Inspirational Paralympians, there is a Milestone Days category capturing special events , a category on the charity’s day in Liverpool with amputee children entitled Pushing the Boundaries, and Members Moments which features images uploaded to the site by some of the charity’s 16,000 members and supporters.

MRF Chief Executive Christopher Head says: “Meningitis and septicaemia strike fear in the hearts of parents and medical professionals alike. They are frightening diseases which can kill or seriously disable in a matter of hours. We were founded in 1989 to help find solutions, spread awareness and support those affected. We are proud of what has been achieved in that time, cases in the UK and Ireland have halved. But these diseases still affect thousands of individuals and their families every single year. Focus on Meningitis captures some of their remarkable stories. Stories we believe should be shared.”

Katie Rose Whitehead
Meningococcal disease
Meningococcal disease at 3 months

I was convinced we were going to lose her

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