Mum from Cam signs up for GI Jane in memory of son

Mum from Cam signs up for GI Jane in memory of son

26 June 2012

Rachael Stewart from Cam is calling on the ladies of the South West to sign up to MRF’s brand new event
GI Jane and help raise funds to continue research into meningitis and septicaemia.

Rachael (36) will be competing against 59 other women in a series of challenges which will test their mental and physical toughness. The challenges will include: assault courses, climbing, abseiling and shooting.

Rachael said: “I decided to sign up for GI Jane as my son Oscar died of Pneumococcal septicaemia in June 2005. He first contracted the disease when he was seven months old and against the odds recovered. A month to the day after he was discharged from hospital he fell ill again and was taken immediately back to PICU at Bristol’s Children’s Hospital where the same staff that had wished us a fond farewell looked on in shock as we reappeared through their doors. Unfortunately, due to his body still recovering from the first case of the disease, he struggled to fight for a second time and the doctors informed us that his body was not strong enough and that the machines he was hooked up to were basically keeping him alive. We then had to make the hardest decision that any parent has to make; if his heart failed once more then we knew that was him telling us that he had had enough. Sadly at 6pm on the 29 June Oscar passed away in my arms with his Dad, and grandparents around him. Signing up to GI Jane means I can help raise funds for research into this disease to make sure other families don’t have to endure what we did.”

Chris Head, CEO of MRF said: “Meningitis and septicaemia can affect people of all ages, striking in minutes and killing in hours. We really appreciate the huge personal challenge that Rachel is undertaking on behalf of MRF in memory of Oscar. We rely on voluntary donations so it’s so important that people like Rachael help raise funds for us so we can continue our research into the prevention, detection and treatment of the diseases and keep supporting those affected by them.”

The event will take place at Almondsbury, Bristol on Saturday 6 October. Participants must be over the age of 16, pay a £30 registration fee and raise at least £100 sponsorship.

To sponsor Rachael visit her Justgiving page:

To sign up to take part in GI Jane click here or contact Nikki May on 01454 280415.

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