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meningitis & septicaemia can kill in hours!

People who are faced with meningitis and septicaemia have to act fast to help save a life.

MRF members visit GENIE

MRF members visit GENIE

13 January 2012

MRF members from the East Midlands visited Leicester University this week to see firsthand research funded by the charity into meningitis and septicaemia, diseases which affect more than 3,400 people each year in the UK.

MRF Head of Research and Medical Information Linda Glennie said: “We like to set up visits to our projects so our  members can learn more about the research they help fund every year. Dr Chris Bayliss, of Leicester University’s Genetics Department hosted our visit on Wednesday. He leads an MRF-funded project to investigate the potential of two components of meningitis-causing bacteria as part of a MenB vaccine. This is crucially important work since there is currently no vaccine available against MenB disease and MenB vaccines in development may not cover all strains. MenB bacteria are the leading cause of meningitis today and can leave survivors with long term after effects such as amputations, deafness and memory problems.”

Valerie Smith from Kibworth who attended the visit said: “I have been involved with MRF since I first contracted Mollaret’s meningitis back in 1992 and I have had a huge amount of support from them especially as I have recurrent episodes of the disease. I am a befriender for the charity which means I support and help other people who have been affected. It was a great day and a real opportunity for myself and the other members who came along to find out more about MRF’s research to eradicate meningitis”

Members were given a tour of the GENIE facility (Genetics Education Networking for Innovation and Excellence), which is the UK's Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning in Genetics based at Leicester University.

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