MRF invited to take part in UK MenB parliamentary debate

MRF invited to take part in UK MenB parliamentary debate

04 March 2016

Thanks to the unprecedented groundswell of support for widening access to MenB vaccine amongst children, Meningitis Research Foundation have been invited to take part in one of two Evidence Sessions at the House of Commons to inform the upcoming parliamentary debate.

Although a date for the open-to-the-public main chamber debate has yet to be set, the Evidence Sessions will take place on March 15 and 22.

We will be presenting evidence at the second of these sessions.

The initial government response to the current MenB petition was to dismiss wider use of the vaccine on cost effectiveness grounds. Here is our reaction to that response.

However, David Cameron’s recent statement that he is willing to look at the evidence together with the parliamentary debate means that the door is far from closed on wider protection against MenB, and we will be seizing this opportunity.

At the Evidence Session, we will be:
  • asking government to deliver on the plan to show if vaccinating teenagers against MenB can protect the whole population and in so doing protect the 2-11 year olds the current petition to government is calling for. 
  • highlighting (as we did when this vaccine was initially rejected for the under ones on cost effectiveness grounds) how the cost effectiveness rules are unfair and undervalue the prevention of severe childhood illness. Meningitis is every parent’s nightmare. The government’s cost effectiveness calculations must take this into account, otherwise the MenB vaccine, and future vaccines to prevent other forms of the disease, will always face an uphill struggle.
The success of the petition in forcing the debate has given us this invaluable opportunity to do what we do best – present evidence to bring about protection for everyone, all our families from this terrible disease.
Thank you.

Sam Williams
Media Relations Manager

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