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meningitis & septicaemia can kill in hours!

People who are faced with meningitis and septicaemia have to act fast to help save a life.

MRF funded study shows the power of patient records for research

MRF funded study shows the power of patient records for research

10 February 2014

Professor Paul Heath and his MRF funded study into bacterial meningitis in babies under 3 months old are being used as an example of how valuable patient records can be to research, in a campaign led by the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) and the Wellcome Trust.

The campaign is encouraging patients to allow their data to be made available to researchers in order to help advances in treatment and prevention of everything from cancer to infectious diseases such as meningitis and septicaemia.

The campaign, which has also recently been featured in an opinion piece in New Scientist by AMRC CEO Sharmila Nebhrajani, comes at a time when the public will have the chance to opt out of leaving their records accessible. Research such as that led by Professor Heath demonstrates how powerful this data can be, whilst still retaining anonymity for the patients themselves.

Jeff Pullinger
Meningococcal disease
Meningococcal disease at 24

Two days later I was lying on the sofa almost dead.

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