MenB private vaccination shortage

MenB private vaccination shortage

23 January 2016

You may have seen in the news yesterday that parents hoping to have their children vaccinated privately against meningitis B have been told there is a shortage of vaccine. You'll see below responses from Dr Mary Ramsay, head of immunisations at Public Health England and MRF's Head of Research & Medical Information Linda Glennie.

Dr Mary Ramsay said: "We are aware that GSK has supply constraints on the Bexsero vaccine for the private market. However, this does not impact the NHS programme and the meningitis B vaccination programme will continue to be delivered to eligible infants as part of the NHS childhood immunisation schedule. If we become aware of issues affecting the supply for the NHS immunisation programme, we will inform healthcare professionals and parents."

Linda Glennie, Head of Research & Medical Information at Meningitis Research Foundation said: “We are relieved that the current shortage of MenB vaccine is not affecting the NHS vaccination programme for babies, which was introduced in September 2015. The great demand for the vaccine shows how eager parents are, not just in the UK but all across Europe, to protect their children against this most feared childhood disease. We know that some parents are distressed at not being able to obtain the vaccine but the NHS programme for babies and people with ‘at risk’ conditions is protecting the most vulnerable.

We hope that GSK will be able to provide more stocks as soon as possible so parents who want their children vaccinated and are able to pay for it can do so. We hope to see the vaccine introduced into routine programmes more widely, especially in countries such as Ireland which have always had high levels of this deadly disease”

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