MenB offered free to Bristol University first year students

MenB offered free to Bristol University first year students

23 October 2014

Meningitis Research Foundation (MRF) welcomes the news that, in a UK first, Bristol University has offered the meningococcal group B (MenB) vaccine free of charge to over 6,000 first year students.

The two dose programme launched with three evening vaccination sessions from Monday 20 October and MRF staff went along to answer questions and hand out symptoms card. The students will receive their second dose in November.

MRF has close links with Bristol University. Adam Finn, Professor of Paediatrics and Head of the University’s Child Health Unit, is a member of our Scientific Advisory Panel.

Christopher Head, MRF Chief Executive said: “This is a very exciting development. We congratulate Bristol University on taking this step to protect its students.

“ It’s a source of frustration for everyone who has campaigned tirelessly for a MenB vaccine that while licensed and recommended for use in the NHS the MenB vaccine is still only available privately in the UK. The fact that so many Bristol students have come forward for the vaccine and so many families are taking it upon themselves to get children and young adults vaccinated privately, clearly demonstrates the public‘s enthusiasm for a MenB vaccine.”

MRF is already supporting the UK Government’s free student meningococcal group C (MenC) catch -up programme, issuing thousands of free awareness posters and symptoms cards to universities, colleges and sixth forms across the UK. The MenC programme runs yearly until 2017 but the current programme ends on 31 October.

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