Expert opinion enhanced

Expert opinion enhanced

28 November 2014

We rely on the voluntary work of our Scientific Advisors in order to make sure we fund the most relevant and highest quality research each year. These experts are at the top of their fields and generously give up their time and knowledge for free.

This year we have welcomed three new members to our Scientific Advisory Panel, making sure that we maintain a broad range of specialties and experience.

Dr Rachel Exley, BSc. PhD

Rachel is a Research Scientist at the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology at University of Oxford. Her work revolves around trying to understand meningococcal bacteria better, from how they cause disease to how we might develop better vaccines. Day-to-day she works in a research laboratory but she has also been a longstanding supporter of MRF, getting involved in Christmas card sales.

Professor Paul Heath MB BS FRACP FRCPCH

Paul has worked closely with MRF for several years, giving talks at our events and leading research projects into neonatal and GBS meningitis. He is a Professor and Honorary Consultant in Paediatric Infectious Diseases at St George’s, University of London and is a leading expert on the hospital management of babies with meningitis.

Professor Beate Kampmann Staats Exam MD FRCPCH DTM&H PhD

Beate is a Professor of Paediatric Infection and Immunity at Imperial College London, but also spends a good proportion of her time in The Gambia where she is Vaccinology Theme Leader for the Medical Research Council. She has longstanding expertise in vaccine trials for infectious diseases, both in developed and developing countries.

As a member of AMRC, there are certain guidelines that MRF needs to adhere to regarding the Scientific Advisory Panel – it should be accountable, balanced, independent and impartial, and rotated regularly. This helps to ensure that applications for research funds are judged fairly and consistently. Y

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