'Counting the Cost of Meningitis' calls for a Men B vaccine

'Counting the Cost of Meningitis' calls for a Men B vaccine

18 September 2011

Meningitis Awareness Week (19-25th September) sees the launch of an online video to support MRF’s Counting the Cost of Meningitis campaign and builds support for vaccination against meningitis and septicaemia. (http://www.meningitis.org/sign)

The shocking lifelong financial costs of surviving meningitis and septicaemia have been examined by Meningitis Research Foundation (MRF) in their ‘Counting the Cost of Meningitis’ campaign. Prevention is more cost effective than treatment; therefore MRF is calling on the Government to pursue the widest and earliest implementation of vaccines to prevent the diseases.

Counting the Cost of Meningitis is a comprehensive analysis of the lifetime impact of the diseases illustrated through two fictional case studies:

  • Peter, who was 18 months old when he was struck down with septicaemia which left him with multiple amputations and behavioural difficulties. Total lifelong costs of supporting Peter up to age 70 are £2,833,374.
  • Emma, who was three years old when she became ill with meningitis which left her brain damaged, deaf and partially blind. Total lifelong costs of supporting Emma up to age 50 are £3,507,664.
These illnesses have far-reaching consequences with survivors facing an on-going need for specialist medical care as well as additional educational and financial support running into millions of pounds.

Christopher Head, Chief Executive of MRF said: “’Counting the Cost of Meningitis’ shows how those who survive can struggle to come to terms with the impact of these horrific diseases which change lives forever. Our campaign makes practical recommendations to Government to reduce the burden of disease through vaccination in the UK. Vaccination provides peace of mind across the country and we are urging everyone across the UK to sign our online petition at http://www.meningitis.org/sign.”

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