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Artists donate work for auction

Artists donate work for auction

26 February 2014

A big thank you to two contemporary artists for supporting our 25th Anniversary Ball next month by donating pieces of their highly collectable work.

Kate Malone is a ceramicist who survived meningitis in the late 1980s and has gone on to gain international recognition, with pieces in numerous private collections and over 40 museums around the world including The Victoria and Albert museum in London.

She says: “It was around late 80's and I don’t really care to remember the terrible time my partner Graham and I had in identifying that I had the disease, which took more or less two days of pain and upset until it was diagnosed. I do hope that the recognition process, the treatment, and awareness of the signs has moved on since then, and that the money raised by this event will help to continue the work to stop this terrible disease.”

Kate’s work is based on the natural forms of the sea and land as she is absorbed with the wonders of nature as well as with the alchemy of ceramic glaze technology. Together with her agent Adrian Sassoon she has donated The Pie and the Oak, a covered, flat bottomed bowl which symbolises the stability and strength of the oak and the joy of a towering pie. The multiple handles refer to early 15th/16th century functional country pottery, and also an attempt to give lots of opportunity to get a grip on life!

Artist Paul Kenton has donated a stretched canvas print of a Westminster Bridge, in keeping with his Capital Images exhibition which opens for a month at London’s Castle Fine Art Gallery on 6 March.

Paul is one of Britain’s most successful and sought after artists, currently exhibiting throughout the UK in over 30 prestigious galleries. He has followers and collectors all over the world. Some may have seen three of his large paintings at the 2012 London Olympic games, which were commissioned to capture the mood and excitement of the event.

He describes his work as a fusion of various media. He takes took his inspiration from his world-wide travels; the cityscapes, cafes, harbours, bridges, seascapes, people, and cultures of the places he visited.

He is supporting Meningitis Research Foundation and our 25th Anniversary Ball because he likes to support organisations which make a difference.

To explore more about both artists please visit websites:
For Kate:
For Paul:



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