84% would be willing to pay for the Men B vaccine

84% would be willing to pay for the Men B vaccine

08 January 2014

Thanks to everyone who took part in our Facebook poll in December following the news that the MenB vaccine would be made available privately in the UK and Ireland.

178 people took part and results show that 84% of those already aware of the issues through our FB site would be willing to pay for the Men B vaccine to be administered privately and 16% said No they wouldn’t.

Here’s just a few of the comments we received:

• Yes, I would pay because my children are lucky I can afford the price. But what about those who can't afford it? Why should those children suffer? We are all human and everybody deserves the same treatment?

• Yes I would pay but why should people have to? It should be available to all; this will only make it available to those that can afford it!

• The vaccine costs hundreds of pounds. I along with more than 20% of the population live below the poverty line and it’s not something we can afford. The government have a responsibility to protect the vulnerable children in our society and to bridge the gap between rich and poor not accentuate it by denying the most vulnerable the appropriate care. Our infant mortality rates are the highest in Europe a vaccine available to all through the childhood immunisation immunisation programme would go a long way to helping us catch up and to safeguarding our children. It defies belief that cost is an implication when you look at the fact that menb kills more under 5s than any other illness. Roll it out nationwide on the NHS. The lives of poor children are worth just as much as the lives of the wealthy ones. Do what's right for the children!!!

• I probably couldn’t afford it for 3 children and it should be available for all children, not just those with wealthier parents.

• I believe that this should be available on the NHS and if alot of people pay for this then it will never come in as part of the regular vaccines. This needs to be part of the regular vaccination program.

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