Applying for a research grant

Please note that Meningitis Research Foundation's 2014 research grant round is now closed. Applicants invited to submit a full application should do so by Monday 1st December 2014. 

Proposals dealing with prevention of all forms of meningitis and associated infections, improving treatment and outlook for patients, and improving the speed and accuracy of diagnosis will be considered.

This year, three priority topics have been highlighted. Our Scientific Advisory Panel and Trustees are particularly interested in well-constructed proposals in the following areas:

  • Research pertinent to MenB prevention, in particular, research to evaluate implementation of a MenB vaccine with particular emphasis on the impact on Neisseria meningitidis epidemiology, developing approaches to understanding the molecular basis of vaccine failures, and non-culture cases.
  • The burden of GBS/neonatal meningitis including research that could contribute to the design of control policies
  • Research in Eastern Africa that seeks to improve outcomes by overcoming barriers to health seeking behaviour and improving prevention, recognition, treatment and health systems. We are particularly interested in projects that lead to practical interventions and partnerships.
Further information about the application process this year can be found in Applying 2014.

General guidance about research grants can be found in the tabs on the left. Please refer to the Research investment strategy, Information for prospective applicants and Code of conduct for our general information about applying in future rounds.

If you would like to be put on our contact list to receive email notification about upcoming rounds or have any questions, please contact Research Officer Gill Currie.

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