Despite the UK government seeming to dismiss wider use of MenB vaccine on the grounds of cost-effectiveness, at MRF we believe that the battle is far from over

We are campaigning for protection for all against MenB and fair access to vaccines by:

  • Securing a commitment to funding and delivering the adolescent carriage/intervention study we believe teenagers are key to getting rid of MenB bacteria and protecting the whole UK population
  • Addressing the unfairness of the current cost effectiveness framework - we think the current unfairness means that MenB and future vaccines against other types of meningitis will always face and uphill struggle to be adopted.
  • Protecting the most vulnerable with an effective vaccine and undertake a catch-up for under-5s
Along with Meningitis Now, we've come up with a ten-point action plan to make these things happen.

We are asking the UK government


MenB Vaccine Research Appeal

Help fund ground breaking research to provide the evidence for wider use of MenB vaccination in the UK

Page last updated 05.04.16

MenB by numbers

  • 1761 average cases of MenB in UK per year
  • 10% of cases will result in death
  • 10% of survivors will have a major disability including amputations, brain damage and hearing loss
  • 33% of survivors will have minor deficits including psychological disorders & reduced IQ
  • 640,000 doses have been distributed worldwide
  • 73% in UK and 78% in Europe predicted coverage of new MenB vaccine
  • 22 years since the first meningitis vaccine introduced – Hib 1992