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Corporate partnerships

Whatever the size of your organisation, your company can help in the fight against meningitis and septicaemia.

You can be confident that your support will go where it can really make a difference. We’re the leading charity in the field of meningitis research. We also offer unique services to support those affected by the disease and unparalleled information services free to health professionals and members of the public.

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How can you support us?

Why partner with us?

  • Tailor-made partnerships to suit your requirements
  • Exciting and inspiring events for employee involvement
  • Engage and motivate customers and suppliers
  • Raise your company profile
  • Great opportunities for media coverage
  • Expert support from our communications team
  • Real returns on your investment

Our partners

We’d like to thank all the partners who have supported our work to date. Our current supporters include:

Deutsche Bank
We are delighted to have been chosen has Deutsche Bank’s Charity of the Year for 2012. During the year we are working with the Bank’s Corporate Citizenship team to organise an exciting calendar of fundraising events for their 8,000 staff. From local pub quizzes and treasure hunts, to the Inca Trail Challenge and skydiving adventures, there are opportunities for all staff to enjoy themselves while fundraising.

We are very grateful for a generous donation from Pilkington for our work in the community. This funding will help us to recruit and train more volunteers to become Community Ambassadors, equipping them to raise awareness of meningitis and septicaemia amongst their own communities.

National Mobile Windscreens
We have been grateful for the ongoing support of Bristol-based National Mobile Windscreens for over 20 years. In 2011, the 40th anniversary of the company, staff took part in a five-day sponsored walk from Worcester to MRF’s head office in Thornbury, raising £5,000 for the charity. Staff at the company continue to fundraise for us through local events and office-based activities.

Acorn Recruitment
Meningitis Research Foundation has been chosen to benefit the fundraising of Acorn staff in Wales and the South West as part of the national company’s 20:20:20 initiative. The company has challenged its staff to raise £20,000 for 20 different charities across England and Wales during its 20th anniversary year.

Spa Naturel at Mercure Hotels
The Mercure Hotel group offered fantastic support through their Spa Naturel chain of health clubs this summer. Ten spas across the UK involved their members in running 57 miles on a treadmill in each hotel – a total of 570 miles, the distance between all the spas taking part. We so grateful for all the sponsorship and donations from staff, spa members and the public.

Charity of the Year

Why not adopt MRF as your Charity of the Year?

Working with the Foundation can give everyone in your organisation a focus for their fundraising efforts, whilst team work, internal communications and project management skills can be built in an enjoyable way. Our corporate team will work with you to ensure that it becomes a year to remember for everyone.

Staff and matched funding

An easy and efficient way to work with the Foundation is to match fund the fundraising efforts of your staff. It's a great way to practically encourage and support them in their efforts.

Sponsorship opportunities

Research and awareness save lives. Sponsor a research project or an award-winning campaign or resource, support our helpline, or get involved in our high profile promotion and fundraising events. The choice is yours.

Joint promotion initiatives (cause related marketing)

Research has shown that '77% of customers are positively influenced by a cause related promotion at the point of purchase or decision making'. (Business In The Community).Further benefits include increased brand affinity and equity, positive consumer perception, loyalty and buying behaviour.Our corporate team are experienced in developing mutually beneficial marketing partnerships and have had successful CRM campaigns with a number of companies. CRM can also be a great way of raising awareness of meningitis and septicaemia and their symptoms, particularly through packaging and point of purchase displays.

Recycling schemes

Put old mobile phones and printer cartridges to work by exchanging them for cash for the Foundation. Just send phones and cartridges to our Bristol address.

Donation in cash or in kind

Donations are always very much appreciated, whether monetary or gifts in kind.Your charities' committee or charitable trust may like to make a one-off donation to the Foundation or become a regular giver. Donations can be gift aided to make them tax efficient.

Regular giving is invaluable in helping us to plan our future funding of research programmes and other long-term initiatives. For individual employees in the UK, Payroll Giving provides an easy way to become involved in regular giving, with little administrative cost to your company. Payroll Giving is tax-efficient as well. As the donation is taken from gross pay, a £10 donation each month, for instance, would only cost the donor £7.80 (assuming they pay basic rate tax).

Gifts in kind are very valuable to the charity. Items or services that can help us to save costs, e.g. office equipment, stationery or professional expertise, are very gratefully received. We also hold raffles every year, for which we are always looking for prizes.

Current supporters

We're grateful to the following, who have recently supported us with gifts and prizes for our fundraising events.



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