Tom Moriarty

Bacterial Meningitis at 28

Bacterial Meningitis

I was working as a manager in a pawnbroker’s in Glasgow when I fell ill with what I thought was just a bad cold (after many people had told me to stop playing up to man flu).

After five days of consistent, worsening headache, I woke one morning and couldn't see without light hurting my eyes and pain all over.

My fiancée rushed me to hospital where they originally diagnosed me with viral meningitis. Releasing me from hospital after a few days, I was re-admitted a few days later after collapsing and was subsequently diagnosed with bacterial meningitis.

After nearly two years, I suffer from nerve damage in my leg and arm (after four lumbar punctures) and sometimes severe headaches, but life hasn't been better. I'm stronger now than I have been in a long time. I'm completely off all medication (after being addicted to high dosage meds) and walking without a crutch.

I hope it lasts.