Scott W

Viral meningitis at 33

Viral meningitis

I am writing this coz I feel like whenever you look up about after effects or just after having viral meningitis to actually find any positives is near on impossible, it is quite literally all about people who have suffered, still suffering and feel how they will always suffer, and I can't help but feel that it just increases people depression, anxiety and worry.

So my story, I got taken into hospital at the beginning of august this year (2013) had the headaches, couldn't look at light blah blah blah, had a lumbar punch, here you go you have viral meningitis, you are gonna feel crap for a couple of weeks but should be fine after that (this is ultimately absolute rubbish if only I knew the 3 months I had ahead of me then) so was sent home with panadeine forte and told to rest drink water and pretty much suck it up for a couple of weeks.

Then 2 weeks where the worst of my life (up to then) with regards to me being personally unwell. but after a few weeks I was feeling not too bad, was having continuous headaches everyday but was learning to take them, so I tried to go back to normal life as my wife and 2 kids had been looking after me up to then and I was beginning to feel a burden on them.

So back to work I went, which is when the dizziness started, it would come and go but I did feel a little unsteady on my feet. I tried to do some fitness too being a sport junkie, so this is when things took a turn for the worse again, I was at work just finished doing a certain job when I began to feel dizzy but this time there was a difference everything slowed down and went blurry, next thing I woke up on the floor, in pain and with blood pretty much everywhere. Now working in a hospital this was the prime place to fall over, unfortunately I was working on the kids ward which was not ideal, a doctor found me, then there was a full scale emergency thing going on and I didn't really know what was going on just I had mega pain in my face.

Turns out I had hit my face on a work bench on the way down from passing out, I broke my eye socket, shattered my cheekbone, broke my jaw in 3 places and had 4 other small fractures in and around my face. The doctors struggled to find out why I had passed out but they believe something in the meningitis had shot my blood pressure below 100 therefore making me pass out. So fast forward 4 days I had to go into surgery to have my face repaired it was not pretty and I was now putting my family under greater pressure coz I was gonna be off work for a minimum of another 7 weeks and as I felt dizzy before I fell I did not qualify for workers compensation so basically I was stuffed with bringing money into the family (that's another story).

So I had the surgery, things went well the dizziness and blurred vision got worse after this, I think the VM the drugs and the overall pain where just sending me spiraling into depression and worry which just seemed to make the after effects even worse. I was reading lots on all kinds of websites about how things never got better and the after effects last forever which just made me worse.

Now here is where things got a little strange, my wife cannot eat gluten or anything like that and she has to take this stuff each day for her body to get all the things she needs, so I decided it would not hurt if I tried it so twice a day I took a scoop of this stuff called Fibroplex plus and took a everyday B multi vitamin too, and weirdly after day 2 I started to feel better, then after day 5 I was a lot better. I am now on day 10 without a headache, dizziness, feeling sick or any other side effect. my face is healing well I am to be allowed back to work in a week’s time and I even went for a 4 kilometer run yesterday with nothing but being quite out of breath at the end due to lack of fitness.

I guess the moral for the story is 2 fold, firstly IT IS POSSIBLE to start to recover and feel better but you really do have to give your body time and not rush back to normal life or you will end up like me and my face and 2 maybe try something different coz it may just help you, diet and getting the right things into you can only increase your chances of recovery.

It is 3 months tomorrow since I was diagnosed but I actually believe I am finally starting to be fully recovered. it is by far the worst thing that has personally happened to me and anyone who has not had it has no idea what it is like, but be positive don't necessarily read all the negative stories because that may not be you. good luck :o)