Sarah Marshall

Meningococcal disease at 33

Meningococcal disease

Hello my name is Sarah and I have survived meningitis!

I contracted the disease back in 1997, only 17 years old and abroad on my first girls' holiday. I noticed when I landed in Spain I wasn't feeling quite right, put it down to being shattered with work but was really excited about having some fun with my friends.

After a few days things began to deteriorate. I was being violently sick, couldn't move my neck so went to the doctors in Spain who began to treat me for tendinitis.

After another few days I couldn't open my eyes, the light was awful. I remember phoning my mum and saying I wanted to come home, and at that point I noticed my legs were back and purple. After that it was a blur and don't remember anything.

 I was flown home and rushed straight to High Dependency in Edinburgh where after 2 lumber punctures they diagnosed me with meningitis.

After a stay in hospital I was finally discharged and was allowed to recover at home.

I have been left with a mild form of septic arthritis in my right knee and a hearing loss. It does get me down at times that I have been left having to wear a hearing aid and can have difficulty moving my leg in the cold and damp.....but I keep telling myself I am alive, and I survived meningitis!