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Kristin Hickman

Bacterial Meningitis

Hi, I am 33 yrs old and got diagnosed with bacterial Meningitis in Sept 2013.

I had a double ear infection that I was being treated for only one day prior to all of this happening. I was put on Cipro.

One week before I went to ear doc, I went to dermatologist because I had a rash all over my body. They thought it was vasculitis. Well, the day after I was put on the Cipro for my ears, I went into work and started a severe headache. Took 800 mg ibuprofen. Did nothing! Got worse and worse. They called the ambulance and I was rushed to ER. They diagnosed me with a tension headache. Sent me home on ultram. Got home and pain was still unbearable. Finally went back did a spinal tap and sure enough, I had bacterial meningitis. Scariest day of my life. Was in hospital on IV antibiotics for 7 days. Went home with a PiC line. One more days of antibiotics. Since then I live at the ENT office! Got tubes put in. Please do not ignore ear infections! Being put on that Cipro one day prior saves my life they said. I now struggle with some depression, little hearing loss, ringing in ears a lot, and headaches. Have some nerve damage also which cause me pain. But thanking God I'm alive for my beautiful family.

APRIL 2014