Kayden Holt

Bacterial Meningitis at 13 months

Bacterial Meningitis

My son Kayden Holt got ill on 29/07/13 at about 7:30 pm.

He was grumpy and not himself, so he had some milk and we put him to bed. After a while he started to scream so his mother went through to see what was wrong and he had been sick all over.

When she picked him up he was roasting and breathing a bit faster than usual. So she stripped him to cool him down.

After waiting half an hour he was still burning and had now become lifeless and really not himself, so his mother phoned NHS 24 and after talking for a while they finally decided to give us an appointment at 22:20 pm at the Western General Hospital, Edinburgh, which I thought was strange. But we got there at 22:10 and were seen at 22:15.

Once in the room the nurse asked what had happened so we told her everything and she then started to do her observations which showed his heart beat to be over 200 and a very high temperature, so she gave him some medication and checked his Obs again every 5 mins.

He was still not looking himself but did look a little bit better and again she checked and his heart beat was now at 170. She said it was just a viral infection and we could go home. So thinking all was ok, that's what we did, got a taxi and he slept all the way home.

When we got in he woke up and seemed to be ok. He was now warm so we put him to bed which was now midnight.

Terri and I went to bed at 1 am and I went through to check on Kayden and I always remember his wee bum in the air, which was so cute, I had a wee giggle to myself and fixed him then kissed him good night. I then went to my bed not knowing what was really going on with my son and what Terri, I and my 3 year old would be waking up to.

At 10 am 30/07/13 my other son Taylor woke me and his mum up and Kayden was still sleeping, which usually would be strange but we just thought he was sleeping in because he was up late.

At 10:10 am Taylor said Kayden was sick, so me and his mum ran through. At first look he was fine and had dribbled in his sleep and Terri had noticed he wasn't wearing his socks. That is when Taylor said Kayden was cold. My heart sank, I felt bad for thinking the worse but when I felt him he was like ice and when I rolled him over I knew it was too late. His lips were blue and his face was all red.

I screamed and then his mum also screamed. Our lives were tipped upside down. I have never felt so much pain in my life and don't want to again. So many things went through our heads. And then the police and paramedics came and they said what we knew - that Kayden had passed away.

Then we were taken to the hospital with Taylor and it was at the hospital that it came back to meningococcal meningitis and septicaemia. So much anger was going through our minds. We had him at the hospital and they didn't keep him in and hadn't done the right Obs for his age.

The Meningitis Research Foundation team has been great with helping set up a just giving page helping me do an abseil. Please feel free to have a look at his website with photos and videos.

JULY 2014