Helen Arnold

Helen Arnold

Cycled London to Paris for MRF

If you are considering taking part in the London to Paris bike ride, go for it!  When you first read the information about cycling just under 200 miles over three days, it does seem a tough challenge, but it’s something that anyone can do with the right amount of training.  You are provided with all the information you need from the company organising the challenge and if you follow their training schedule, you’ll be fine. 

Day one is quite a challenge, getting out of London isn’t easy and there are quite a few hills, but it’s a relief when you get to Newhaven and have some dinner!  Day two is lovely – you are on quiet roads in France and as long as you remember to stay on the right side of the road, which at one point we nearly forgot (!), it’s an enjoyable day out on the bike.  Day two is also the shortest day and it’s a relief not spending too much time on the bike.  Day three is simply amazing.  You start off on quiet roads and it’s a nice opportunity to have a chat with the people you have got to know over the previous couple of days.  Although you are more than aware that you are taking part in a tough challenge – it’s really not until you see the Eiffel Tower that it hits you that you really have cycled from London to Paris! 

We cycled into Paris in one big group and it was really emotional crossing the finish line.  I was lucky to meet up with Kate and Paul who were also raising money for Meningitis Research Foundation and we crossed the finishing line together which made it really special.  There were a few tears as we drank our champagne at the finish but it was a great feeling to know we had raised so much money for a fantastic charity.


If you are interested in taking part in the London to Paris Bike ride click here for more details.