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David Roberts

Meningococcal disease at 62

Meningococcal disease

It all started on Christmas day when I had bad headaches, so I went to bed. I couldn't stand the lights and after that I can't remember a thing until I woke up in Pinderfields Hospital, several days later.

According to my wife Julie, I got up and looked funny, I couldn't find the toilet and I was confused. So she decided I needed to go to hospital and with a bit of a struggle they got me in the car and took me.

I was diagnosed eventually with the illness and I was put under and when I was brought round I suffered a TIA (Transient Ischaemic Attack) which left me with a bit of a stiff arm and fingers but I was told I was lucky and thanks to the staff at Pinderfields, I am now out and back at work.

It took me about four months to get right. I was very weak at first but with the help from family and my wife Julie, I eventually got stronger. Before this happened I used to be very fit, running marathons and it was the fitness that got me through and of course the nursing.

I am a bit forgetful and get tired more easily but after what happened its nothing.  I hope to get back to running and do the Great Manchester Run in May and raise money with my daughter for research.

How I got this illness, we do not know but as I said, the staff at Pinderfields were excellent to me. I must now be positive and get on with life, as I nearly lost it.