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meningitis & septicaemia can kill in hours!

People who are faced with meningitis and septicaemia have to act fast to help save a life.


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Meningitis in newborn babies

Posted by Carolina Mendoza-Topaz on 29 March 2015

Would anyone tell me if a routine vaginal swap in pregnat mothers , and antibotics if required would prevent meningitis in newborns? In other countries is done at every expectant mother at around 7 months of pregnancy. It is very easy and very low cost. How can be possible that in the UK is not done? Thanks for the answer

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I need advice...

Posted by Miranda on 11 March 2015

I was diagnosed with spinal meningitis at nine months old . My mother placed me in a bath when I felt feverish the next thing she knew I was blue and my temperature sky rocketed.. Wen I made it to the hospital my temp was 107... I was placed in ice and slowly went into a coma. My ankles were slit for Ives and my head was shaved for me Ives !! I'm now thirty three and I don't remember my past just bits and pieces my neck and bones have started to deterate. I need some advice

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Type B Bacterial meningitis and Septicemia, and Viral Meningitis

Posted by Sarah Cunningham on 25 February 2015

Hi everyone my names Sarah, I have had meningitis twice, I caught Bacterial meningitis type B and septicemia when I was 18, and Viral Meningitis when i was 19. I am now 21 and my immune system is so low that I am constantly ill. I haven't recieved any help since suffering from Meningitus twice, I was discharged and that was it, no check ups, nothing. The first time I caught bacterial meningitis I had just finished a shift at work, I cried all night and woke up with 4 paramedics in my room, I was rushed to the resusitation unit and kept...

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