The Power of Perseverance (and Prayer)


Posted by Julianne Rolandsen on 13 October 2012

Since surviving bacterial meningitis in April 1985, I have endured an almost constant stream of after effects, the worst being recurring bouts of explosive head pain and brain fogginess. I live in Australia and have been treated with a vast range of medical support from the foremost experts in the country during the past 27+ years. This has helped to increase my energy level overall….but does not seem to have lessened the intensity or frequency of the pain.

By far the most critical has been the amazing PRAYER support on a daily basis, by family and friends in particular, but also through varying prayer chains around the world. Without all this and my extraordinary husband – I think I should call him ‘Saint Peter’ – plus my three fantastic children and six absolutely adorable grandchildren….well let’s just call them God’s Angels…I would certainly have died long ago and/or been a vegetable. I am so very grateful to God for everything. He has empowered me to maintain a special education teaching career throughout many of these years (though I often was on the verge of collapsing and had to have many days off).

In general the underlying suffering has been acutely unbearable. I can’t stand the feeling of powerlessness, when there is so much need in the world. I love God with all my heart, and it breaks my heart to NOT be in a position to help Him more. I know that prayer is very powerful and have witnessed countless miracles of healing etc in answer to fervent prayer. Over 30 years ago the Lord brought me into a ministry of prayer – strong incessant prayer, alone and with others. Perhaps all my own personal suffering has brought me closer to God and deepened my prayer burden for others – across the planet.

If any of my struggles can be used to help others, and if I can learn more of the art of overcoming, perseverance and so forth, from those who’ve been walking a similar path to my own, I would much appreciate being linked up…to a network of support such as this.


Posted on 04 August 2015

Comment by michael genteman

2011 I was found out cold and 911 to hospital. I live in eastern Washington State. Coma for 5 days in ICU. Woke up thank God and hallucinating massively for 2 days strapped down to keep me from leaving. I was found on 6/2, my birthday. Now after 4 years my life is totally changed. The migranes, CFS, deppression, Loss of my skills and extreme issues with writing and math and directions. The worst is lost memories of my marrige and births and trips. I was a Automation Designer and hold patents. Everyone thinks that I'll snap out of it. I almost wish that one post meningitis symtom was a horn that grows out of your forehead. I people don't see blood or some obvious sign that you are sick. US social security insurance is useless. I have 4 teeth and had to lance 2 abcesses and pull a tooth by myself at home. No dental coverage. I broke off my front teeth from passing out and hitting my face. I feel alone and people think I am just a hypocondreact. If it was not for my 10 year old son I would not be here to write this letter. Got no money to buy my needed medications that would help I'm sure. Any advice or people that are doing well? God Bless. Mike Genteman USA

Posted on 28 October 2012

Comment by Anita reyes

Wow, prayer intercession. I've been put in a position where all I can do is pray. I can relate to what you are saying and it's almost exactly what I've asked myself. Why in such a state feeling so helpless having to Why can're I help others Lord? It saddens me to tears, but I must add after reading this I've been giving understanding. All in all it does work out for the good.

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