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Posted by Stephen Roe on 15 October 2012

I lost my little boy, William Lloyd Roe nine years ago, February 14th of all days. He was only 6 months old. I still find it very difficult and miss him dearly. I wonder what he would have been like and what he would be doing now? I wonder what his relationship would have been like with his brother?
The guilt I feel is unbearable, I will always wonder 'what if?' and 'could I have done more?'
Why didn't our doctor recognise the symptoms - why didn't I? My questions are never ending.
Losing William broke my faith and paid a large part in the inevitable demise of my 21 year relationship and my subsequent mental breakdown 3 years ago.
I couldn't face up to even looking at the MRF website or anything associated with Meningitis but became involved in the Make-A-Wish foundation and have been a member now for 8 years.
The aim of the Foundation is to grant the Wish Children their dream - and as painful as it is I am able to cope with this as it's not Meningitis.
I've been self employed for 22 years but lost all heart in my design agency and eventually formed a new company In memory of my son.
William Lloyd bespoke garden structures is now up and running and showing great promise. I'm also hoping to exhibit at Chelsea Flower show in 2013 and intend donating a percentage of my profits to the MRF.
I hope this is going to help me accept what happened to William and to also become involved with the MRF fundraising. Maybe then I can face up to and deal with the past and in turn try and help others deal with the effects of this dreadful disease.

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Posted on 22 November 2012

Comment by Lindsay Stewart

I have just read your post, I am so sorry about your wee boy William. I can't imagine how hard it has been for you.
I know how terrible Meningitis can be, having lost my brother thirteen years ago (he was 13 at the time) . Like you I often wonder what it would be like if he was here today and I miss him every day. I also lost my mum two years later as she never got over losing him. I never talked about things much at the time as I was quite young myself and just seemed to want to block it out.
I am now finding it quite helpful to talk to others and help with fundraising as well.
Good luck with the business venture it is good that you are doing something positive, your son would be very proud of you

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