Reoccurent Baterial Menigitis


Posted by Eileen Ward on 05 January 2013

My husband is in hospital with bacterial meningitis, this is the 4th time in last 9 months. Neurologists think the case maybe a micro fracture to the skull although despite many MRI and CT scan no fracture has been found.
Has anyone any advice the doctors in the hospital are baffled and say they dont know what to do, this does not leave me with any confidence.


Posted on 16 November 2013

Comment by Mairi

Hi Eileen,
I suffered from bacterial meningitis in 2011. Before I was discharged from hospital I had a CT scan which came back with normal results. However a few months later I experienced memory loss I then had an MRI scan which showed cholesteatoma within both of my ears. This turned out to be the cause of the meningitis. Ear infections can be a cause of bacterial meningitis. I hope they find the source of the infection soon. I wish you both good health as I understand how awful this illness can be.

Posted on 21 February 2013

Comment by annmarie gibbons

Sorry eillen it was in 2008 not 1998 when my brother michael died . Xx

Posted on 25 January 2013

Comment by annmarie gibbons

Hi eilleen , my brother michael also got meningitis 4times, when he was 18, 19, 21 , and 2 weeks before his 31 birthday . The doctors in dublin could not understand how he got it so many times . On his 3rd they sent him to beumont hospital for mri . They found out he had damage to his inner nose just between his eyes .and on very old skull fracture from a car crash he was in at the age of 10 . The doctor did say at that stage it would not reaccure again . But sadly when he got the 4th meningitis in 1998 he sadly died . He did go to hospital but was sent home ,told he had a flu and given antibiotices and told to sleep it off . He went back a few hours after and same again u have the flu. But that night he went into a coma , they did the lumber and said it was meningitis . 3days after we turned the machine off . There should have being an injection for reaccures but sadly it was not . So go furter and dont stop until u get answeres . And make sure u dont ever take flu for an answere if he ever feels unwell . Hope u get answeres soon so so worrying xxx

Posted on 07 January 2013

Comment by MRF Helpline

Hi Eileen, sorry to hear about your husband's recurrent bouts of meningitis. The Helpline team is contacting you privately to offer information and support.

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