Every Name Counts- Members Take Action!


Posted by susan mennear on 10 October 2011

Thanks you to MRF members who have helped make this year’s Meningitis Awareness Week one of the most successful ever! Over 104 members helped with the campaign and their stories were featured in hundreds of publications including The Daily Express, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail and on Daybreak too.
Members have spread the word on Facebook and Twitter of our new campaign video ‘Sign away meningitis’ at www.meningitis.org. Thirty -five members contacted their MP and 22 managed to secure meetings with them. Others have collected lots of signatures by using paper petitions. Member Carole Thomas from Swansea took a paper petition into the school where she works and got 170 signatures and Ken Robinson from Sunderland even took it down his local shopping centre getting over 100 signatures!

We still need over 2000 signatures so why not visit the Campaign Action Centre to download materials to help you spread the word http://www.meningitis.org/sign-petition. Or why not contact me for a paper petition, take it to your workplace or an event or simply ask friends, colleagues and family to sign their name. Every name counts!
Contact Sue Mennear on our Freefone 24 hour helpline on 080 8800 3344 or email me susanm@meningitis.org

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