Miracle Baby


Posted by NIa Wingate on 04 August 2012

Hi, I was hospialized at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta Ga with bacterial meningitis at 6 months in 1974. A young doctor in his twenties, who was a student doctor performed a procedure on me, that saved my life, which his superviisor did not want him to perform. My mother told me his name, but I forgot. My hair was shaved off, I was paralyzed on the right side of body making me use my left side more, and I had tubes in and out my body. which was painful for my family members to see a tiny soul fighting for her life. I was known on the entire floor as the Miracle Baby.
I was not out of the woods because I had therapist to visit at my house to work with me.
Today, I am in my late 30's, have a daughter, getting my master's degree, and work with children. I am abundantly blessed with what I need while living on purpose.
It was told that I was a case study, and my files could be in Washington DC, or possibly in Atlanta. I am going to visit Grady Memorial Hospital, and maybe with extensive research I can find the doctor who saved my life when I get the name from my mother, and track down my records.

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