meningitis-death of my father


Posted by supriya sinha on 07 March 2013

my name is supriya sinha, i was only 11 years old when my father was expired due to meningitis...sorry to say but that was totally doctor mistake who was failed to diagnosis meningitis and treated my father wrongly now when i am aware about that, i know the symptoms of it...
please dont ignore any symtoms if u got....this is very dangerous.


Posted on 10 August 2013

Comment by Prongs

Hi! When I was just 5, my dad died o meningitis too. He was diagnosed on time but his brain cells were too damaged to be repaired. and Now when I read about the disease, my heart breaks when I think how its not that dangerous and people survive it too. I MISS MY DAD SO MUCH.
BE STRONG! I am 22 years old now. No one can take his place EVER but time do have healing powers. STAY BLESSED!!

Posted on 11 March 2013

Comment by Helpline

Hi Supriya, we're very saddened to hear about the loss of your father. It's always terrible to hear about the illness not being spotted until it's too late. Unfortunately the early symptoms are often difficult to distinguish from other milder illnesses. We do try to raise awareness amongst the medical profession as well as the general public, and everyone can help with that so thanks for sharing your experience.

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