Posted by Stacy Ellen Folger on 05 December 2012

I am 38 yrs old n had menigitis when i was 5. My whole life has been a struggle since then. School was so hard. I never really learned anything even though i trie n no one ever caught my struggle n helped me r figured out it was menigitis. The only help i ever recieved was 2yrs of speech. I still cant divide r do simple math in my head. I tried 4 10yrs 2 learn 2 drive. Even went 2 drivere ED 3 diff times. I have memory loss, trouble retaining whwt i learn. Forget my phone number, social security nimber. I lov playing card games like rummy, but it took me a painfully long time 2 learn n if go more than a month r so without playing i have 2 learn all over again. As an adult been diagnosed with everything from ADHD 2 Biopolar but none of them ever covered all my symptoms n the meds would make me crazy. I never mentioned menagitis cause i didnt know it mattered r was important. Is is 2 late 4 me 2 seek help with my problems?


Posted on 23 January 2013

Comment by Kevin Spring

I had meningitis @ the age of 3weeks, (I am now 49), resulting in Hydrocephalus. I went through school learning ok, but I could only learn things if I was shown how to do things. I couldn't learn so much by listening. I couldn't concentrate. By the time I reached 13, I would forget things. If I put something down, I would leave it there. Forget things when asked for something and so on. It is frustrating, It is something I have learned to live with. It wasn't until I looked up on the internet, that this is a side affect. It is something that needs to be publicised so parents can help.

Posted on 26 December 2012

Comment by cheryl cornwall

i have loss of memory as well i dont know what i did yesturday let alone this morning please help me

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