Long term pain after West Nile Viral Menigitis


Posted by Mary Gordon on 04 October 2012

Hi all...at the age of 46 (5 years ago) I had West Nile Virus that progressed to Meningitis. I had all of the head, eye, nervous system symptoms. During the acute phase my lower legs also ached, like you ache if you have a bad case of flu. Nothing would relieve that ache. Years later I do have some long term effects often mentioned here, but those come and go depending on my stress level and if I'm exhausted. The leg ache however is still with me and is constant. I have had it for all these years. It's there when I wake up and all day. Exercise or rest doesn't help any. Vicodin takes the edge off. Does anyone have any similar problem and have you found a cause or solution? I wonder if it could be nerve damage. I had a brain MRI 2 years ago that was normal. Thank you so much.


Posted on 30 August 2016

Comment by Jennifer Scott

I just contacted it this last July. I am still have headache, fatigue, general malaise, pain all over like the flu, short term memory loss, trouble reading and mild tremors or shakes intermittent, I am 40. The first case this year in my state. I am dealing with hell with my job.

Posted on 17 March 2016

Comment by mike brink

Iv'e been sick for about 8 years now my symptoms first started gradually they're flu like when I try to do mild or moderate physical activity. I always have an abnormal amount of fatigue and muscle flu like aches. Upon trying to work on something like repair a lawnmower or flat bike tire if I move too fast or too much. I'll get shakes, sweats, nausea, if I push too hard or tried to function like a normal person i'd vomit..I recently found out after years of doctors and negative test results that I tested + positive for west Nile Virus..I think my illness is related to WNV since it's the only thing Iv'e tested positive for..Doctors in usa don't know much about about it so I doubt i'll get any help for it..I'm trying to get ssi or disability but keep getting denied..They'd rather pay more to keep u in jail for stealing gas or food since u can't work than give you any medical help or disability...

Posted on 09 September 2015

Comment by Robert E. Blakeway

I got WNV in the summer of 2007. I laid flat on my back for 2 years. I was taking 12 different medications and none of them helped with the pain, they just made me not care. In the process the drugs made me weird and I lost my business, home and worst of all, my family. here we are in 2015 and I still hurt so bad. I cant afford anything. I became homeless and a friend took me in when he found I was living in my car. I am a veteran. They wouldnt help me. I could not get social security ins. after 3 tries with a lawyer because they said I could be a walmart greeter or take tickets at a theater. They dont understand that the intense headaches are worse than migraines. My own family thought I was faking. The only relief I got was when I found another WNV survivor and we talked and they understood the 37 different symptoms that I was experiencing. You could watch my whole body twitch as all of my nerve endings gave into this invisible pain. I was getting a series of 50 shots up my spine, head, neck, shoulders, and hips every other day to get me to relax. I couldnt get enough water so I was getting IVs twice a week. Another guy I knew had the same count of WNV and he went into a coma because he wouldnt hold still. I was a martial Arts Instructor and anytime I did a sudden stop or jolt, than the pain would osmosis through to my whole body and I would end up in a fetal position on the ground until the could get me to my doctor a shots of "Nubain", steroids, morphine....etc....you get the picture. Im tired now. my arms hurt from typing. I thought it might help someone to know I understand how it feels.

Posted on 02 September 2013

Comment by charlotte cantwell

my husband found pure tart cherry juice has helped his hands for sure. He has diabetes and is loosing musle tone in hands and they become stiff and tingle and this really helps to make them more flexable and not hurt as much. Can be found in health food section of grocery stores and health food stores. Even the bottle with water as first ingredient works as well but for faster relief try the pure juice first. Hope this helps.

Posted on 26 November 2012

Comment by Lisa Zelinski

As a 46 year old 2009 survivor of west Nile virus. I too have pain. I have been diagnosed with m.s. a year after being diagnosed. My Drs have told me the pain is from nerve damage. I find that hydro and tramadol sometimes works. I have also tried various anti depressents. I hope this helps!

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