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Posted by Miriam Carroll on 30 July 2012

I had bacterial meningitis 3 times at age 3, 4 & 9. I also a bout of septecemia somewhere inbetween. I have been suffering with lots of ailments but not all together. Some of the ailments during my teens included Fight & flight issues, severe headaches, aches and pains, acne, constipation, depression and an inability to concentrate. I lost the hearing in my left ear on the 2nd bout and at 17 started to lose my hearing in my right ear, with the onset of tinitis, asthma and hayfever. During my 20s I suffered from chronic depression severe pmt, headaches, acne. I had two courses of roaccutane for the acne. I am in my 40s now and I am fed up feeling unwell. The doctors try to address each illness in isolation but suspect that my adrenal gland is not functioning normally. At the moment I am suffering from depression/anxiety, pmt, feeling cold, phantom toothache, hip pain, numbness in hands, constipation, asthma, hayfever, sinus infections, falling asleep and irritatability. If you have similar symptoms I would love to hear


Posted on 16 September 2012

Comment by Jackson nyirenda

My nephew had meningitis some 6yrs ago,and since then he seem to have developed some sort of paralysis as he can not move on his own, the limbs are weak to perform any activity,kindly advise on what measures we can take to help the young man, as assistance had been sort from the hospitals but nothing has come out as they only say we concentrate on physiotherapy.

Posted on 21 August 2012

Comment by wilma shiffman

I just found out that I am a meningoccal carrier(type unspecified) and a dose of 500mg of azitromycin has been prescribed for 3 days .
Is it safe for people to be around me in a general social situation? Can I safely serve a meal in my home? I am 85yrs. old and live alone and don't know what to tell people I have been in contact with recently.

Posted on 31 July 2012

Comment by MRF Helpline

Thank you for your blog comment Miriam, we hope that you found the information sent to you helpful, we welcome discussion on our blog. Our helpline is available on freefone 080 8800 3344(UK) 1088 41 33 44 (RoI) or email helpline@meningtis.org

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