Humanitarian expert services devastated Central Africa


Posted by daniel jones on 01 September 2011

Lecturer in Humanitarian Studies, Dan Baschiera returns from Niger in Central Africa
By Richie Hodgson

A leading Northern Territory humanitarian expert has returned from his deployment to meningitis-ravaged Niger for Medicine Sans Frontier (MSF).

Lecturer in Humanitarian Studies with Charles Darwin University, Dan Baschiera is back in familiar surroundings after spending three weeks in Central Africa leading a large meningitis inoculation campaign in the remote districts of Bobeye and Dosso.

Mr Baschiera joined aid workers from around the world as part of a MSF (‘Doctors Without Borders’) bid to end the meningitis epidemic.

The team distributed a massive amount of vaccine against the deadly disease, and Mr Baschiera also helped repair an old ice factory in Niamey after a truck strike stopped supplies from being imported.

Conditions in the region did not come as a surprise for Mr Baschiera, who was born and raised in Tanzania and has extensive experience in the region.

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