GBS Meningitis at birth/ later behavioural concerns


Posted by Nicky McClure on 15 June 2013

Our daughter was diagnosed with GBS Meningitis at 3 days old, luckily caught early and was discharged from follow ups with "no apparent after effects " at 6 months old. She's now just 7, after a little speech therapy absolutely fine at school developmentally, and they have no concerns at all in terms of behavior or academically. At home however it's a very different story ! She doesn't seem to cope at all well with negative emotions so if a child upsets her at school for example, the result at home is a really terrible temper. It can only take something minor at home up tip her over the edge. If we say no to something or its not how she wants things she reacts in the way a two year old would - with frustration and a tantrum. Which is fine at two.....not great at seven. We have tried sticker charts, rewards, punishments, books, distraction, the works, but when her temper goes, we just have to let it blow out and as she gets bigger its getting harder to manage the throwing things, slamming doors, kicking etc. Once it's done she's very sorry, she will then verbalise what actually upset her, so we can talk about it. Generally she is a very considerate, loving little girl, the first to offer to help out, or look after her friends. She's very kind, affectionate, thoughtful and fun to be around. But some days we are on a knife edge and when we have a bad day it's difficult to cope. I suppose at least it is only with us ! She doesn't seem to show any of the markers that would put her on the autism spectrum, so we are not getting any advice or support. Does anyone else have similar issues ? Or is this just normal in some children and a phase ? Thoughts and opinion greatly appreciated !
From a very frazzled Mum, Dad and big sister


Posted on 25 September 2013

Comment by theresa sheldon

|I had VM i 2009 and had some problemsfor quite a long time afterwads... mostly anxiety fro which I had never suffered before. My counseller told me that like any brain event, people often suffer from side effects, childredn mostly behavioural and adults mostly anxiety type problems. She worked specifically for the Meningitis trust therefore she will have had lots of expdereince of this. It makes sense to me. I hope that like my anxiety, your little girls behavioural problems subside as her brain slowly recovers. God Bless you too.

Posted on 18 June 2013

Comment by Lindsey

Hello, Nicki,
I am a female, 30 years old. Although my diagnoses were later in age, I can completely relate to your daughter. I was diagnosed with GBS when I was 18 and got viral meningitis when I was 29. Looking back, I was pretty sick at the ages from 1-5 with terrible strep throat, ear infections & uti infections. My behavior was "normal" I guess until puberty. Age 11 or 12. I was the girl that you described as your daughter. Same personality. I'm not sure if our cases could be considered similar medically, but my advise to you, as a mother, is just to hang in there & love her through it. Make sure she feels heard. Like you listen. Do not judge or condemn her right away. But definitely instill discipline & respect. That is very important. These medical diagnosis of these illnesses are not 100% accurate & informed. Scientists still have so much to learn about these illnesses. The after math & long term effects are unknown. I wish you and your family happiness & health! God bless

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