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Posted by Kaylee Ann Faunce on 25 November 2012

It was when there was a huge outbreak, I was born in 1996. Around Christmas I got spinal meningitis. I had the worse one. It effected my spinal cord. my family was told what my long term side affects are. They never could figure out how I got it. I almost died many times. & I was basically like a veggie on life support for a while I had to learn to eat talk move and walk. Now still I can not talk good. I can even talk so fast you wouldn't hear one word. But My hearing has gone bad. & I'm going insane. Today at my grandmas thanksgiving I could barely hear out of my left ear. But I'm in 11th grade and a senior gets made fun of for hearing aids. And she is a nice girl! But besides this. Can someone inform me that I am not insane and help me. I was 4 1/2 when that happened and I am almost 17. May 13 is my birthday. & now I have different types of arthritis to the serve cases and yet still unknown. & I can not stay focused or comprehend things at first. I would like to know what I should do, if I should go get checked if I can get hearing aids which I would deff pass and what else. If it could have caused me the bone problems?! Because it affected my spinal cord and I do believe I had bacterial & I was untreated at first because they couldn't figure out hat was wrong with me?!

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