viral meningitis + reactive arthritis


Posted by theresa sheldon on 26 September 2013

Hi, I had viral meningitis in 2009.. its bee a very hard long road to recovery and I finally flet I was getting somewhere just this summer. However I have now developed what seems like reactive arthritis... joint pain moving around from knee, to hip to hands, to feet. The joints are swollen and red, though not hot. My Rheumatoid factor was raised (81) and mhy GP referred me to a |Rheumatologist. Although x-rays of my hands and feet are normal, he suggested I start on Methotrexate. I am reluctant but want to be sure I am not in denial of RA |I just think this may be reactive but almost scared to sit it out just i case. Apparently the earlier you start Methotrexate with RA the better chance of the disease process halting. l What a dilemma. Does anyone out htere have any joint problems moving around from joint to joint? Thanks


Posted on 17 November 2015

Comment by Destiny

I had vm last October 2014 so it's been a year. I am still suffering but not as bad as I was. In May I was diagnosed wit RA. I just want to know if I already had it and that caused the vm or if the vm caused the RA?

Posted on 17 November 2015

Comment by Destiny

I had vm last October 2014 so it's been a year. I am still suffering but not as bad as I was. In May I was diagnosed wit RA. I just want to know if I already had it and that caused the vm or if the vm caused the RA?

Posted on 07 February 2014

Comment by Laura Gross

I am trying to learn more about my "Chronic Spinal Meningitis". I was diagnosed with this when I was in surgery for Temporal Lobectomy. It was found that the Meningitis is what caused me to have constant seizures. I wasn't aware that I had this Meningitis until an area of damaged brain was taken out and tested. I can go back to times when I remember being so ill that I didn't think I would survive. I can only guess that this was when I had the Meningitis. Now, after going in for shoulder surgery once, I am set to go in for my other shoulder. I mentioned that I was losing feeling in my right arm and feel it is connected to the damaged shoulder.(did nothing to injure this shoulder) Because of the numbness, I was asked to go in for a spinal MRI. I was sure they would find damge from a diving accident 30 years ago, but they didn't. They found damage up high on my spine. My search and wonder now is if this is caused from the Chronic Spinal Meningitis" that I was diagnosed with after my brain surgery. I didn't mention earlier but I had to have multiple areas of my brain removed from damage found. Sooo, now I see I have a problem with my spine and shoulder and lost feeling in my right arm and in time my hips and knees have had trouble too. Could this all be from the diagnosis with Meningitis? Can the damage in my spine be from the Meningitis and get worse like my brain? Is there anything that can be done with it if it is related? After all the damage found in my brain, I fear the virus is still in me and can spread to other areas without me knowing it. Should I be worrying?

Posted on 06 December 2013

Comment by Jacqui Lowe-Jackson

I had vm recently 8 weeks ago and went back to work this week but dont feel fully functional. In february I had an OA done on both knees and until i felt ready for the full knee replacement surgery which the consultant said i need he would give me cortizone injections in the meantime to keep me comfortable. The cortizone usually works but the most recent one which i had 3 weeks ago has had no impact whatsoever and im in severe pain. I wondered if the vm had an impact on the acute arthiritis or if i have just reached 'end pain'

Posted on 04 December 2013

Comment by Siobahn Davis

I contracted vm 4 yrs ago & have been unwell since, it's been a real long haul... About a year in I started having back, neck, knee, shoulder, finger pain it knocked me for six, I was still suffering from dizziness, h aches generally poorly when this happened, I was told this was the virus making its way out of the body.. I was happy about that, I'd ride this then surely I'd b ok...... :( not the case, 4 yrs on still unwell, h aches subsided still get dizzy & nausea but better now but the last 4 weeks joint pain returned, my forefinger swelled hot n red & has left me with a lump on the first joint.... I must say I personally nearly lost it! Being so ill for so long & now this back again.... I am lost for words, the docs don't help they just think I'm some kinda hypochondriac but u no what I wish they could walk in my shoes for a day or two. Vm is badly represented, oh it's the lesser case of meningitis, ul b over it in a couple if weeks ! I've heard that so many times.... Well I wasn't & I'm still suffering, a harsh word but true.... So what do the likes of us do, where's the help, financially it's a nightmare as I have had to stop work, it has left me weak & poorly.... I would like to get every gp in the land to sit up & take note, read the blogs, listen to the people as mist are suffering in silence.... Rant over! To all who are unfortunate to come across vm, the truth is for the best part your on your own, as the after care is on existent, well in the uk it seems... So take each day, b patient b kind to yourself x

Posted on 22 November 2013

Comment by "Abby Hernandez"

I too suffered with viral meningitis in 2009. About 2 years later, I contracted Epstein-Barr virus which causes mono. I was 39! About 1 year later, I started suffering joint pain,fatigue,chronic headaches (again!) After lots of blood work and dr.'s, I've been diagnosed with autoimmune disease (possible RA) and Fibromyalgia. Not to mention depression and anxiety. Before the meningitis I was of average health, now I feel like a 90 year old. All dr.'s tell me that they don't think the meningitis has anything to do with what's happening to me now. REALLY?? How could it not? Thanks for your least I know I'm not alone

Posted on 19 November 2013

Comment by Mary Doria

It makes no sense that average will detect the symptoms when child or adult is ill.This deadly is like a thief in the night.I have seen a young child get sick one day and the next day he was gone.Most people do not run to the emergency room the first time a child get sick.I ask you all that have the power that be to look this illness over and please get this injection o the market.Thanh's do this for your own children and families also.Mary.

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