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Posted by Jack Cunliffe on 20 December 2013

So it’s that time of year again, the season of festive joyfulness, generosity and goodwill! Or more likely inappropriate presents, Dr Who Specials, board game related squabbles and soggy sprouts. We also thought that this would be a great time of year to start blogging about the (mis)adventures we have fundraising with students.

Joking aside, this term has flown by for the MRF student team, for all the right reasons! The madness started off in September and we have been travelling ever since, imagine Kerouac’s ‘On the Road’ if they were driving the motorways of Britain. 

We have covered over 10,000 miles, been to over 20 Universities and spoken to thousands of Students. It has been exhausting, inspirational and a huge amount of fun! It has also been very rewarding to see so many people connecting to the MRF cause. This year we have more students climbing Kilimanjaro than ever before, and there are inspirational characters and true leaders coming out of the woodwork already.

The Adventure Leader Awards...

On the 30th of November, history was made in the world of student fundraising with the first ever Adventure Leader Awards sponsored by Virgin Money. What a night that was! Held at the British Film Institute (BFI) the red carpet was out, the paparazzi where gathering and the champagne was on ice. Never have I seen such a fine collection of human beings, beautiful gowns and sharp suits galore. If you weren’t there, imagine the Brit awards, the Oscars and P Diddy’s White Party rolled into one. The tone of the evening was well and truly set when some fella’ who used to own a record shop, Sir Richard Branson introduced the proceedings from his island retreat.

Amongst the myriad of achievements special mention must go to Portsmouth for winning the ‘Team of the Year’ award. This award is testament to the hard work and passion with which they approached their fundraising. Additionally Laura Jane Ryves was the deserved winner of the prestigious ‘Adventure Leader of the Year’ award for her great work at Kent University. The Awards reflected the rollercoaster journeys of last year’s student, but it also represented a symbolic passing on of the flame. The Adventure Leaders running campaigns this year can look to their predecessors and aspire to be in their place, looking back on their achievements when the Awards roll around again next year.

Here at MRF we are incredibly proud of the relationships we build with our students. It is much more than just a job for us, many lasting friendships are forged through this programme and we firmly believe this has a positive impact on our shared successes. This attitude is rewarded by the fact that 7 out of the 10 Adventure Leaders nominated for the ‘Adventure Leader of the Year’ award worked with MRF.

The Awards weren’t the only glitzy event we have attended recently; heartfelt thanks must go to Karnival for inviting us to Snowflake. That is how an event should be run, and what an achievement it is to raise £1.7million smashing last year’s record along the way!

Looking ahead...

Heading into 2014 it is clear that we are in for another memorable year full of experiences, successes and ‘imaginative’ fundraising. Sometimes it is easy to forget why we do this. A big part of the lives we improve and the positive impact we have is down to the hard work and dedication our student fundraisers bring to the table. So thank you, Merry Christmas, and keep doing what you are doing!

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