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MRF Fundraiser Esther's running blog Part 2 - Shoes


Posted by Esther Trackman on 23 December 2013

I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to things like blisters and sore feet so buying suitable running shoes seemed like a crucial first step before my first run. There’s a lot of choice when it comes to running shoes, and a huge variation in price too. Not so much choice in the style though, there is definitely a ‘running shoe fashion’ that you can’t escape from. My first port of call was to pop in to a big sports store but I concluded that a) there are more technical considerations involved in choosing the right shoe for your foot shape and running style than I had realised, and b) the staff either weren’t very knowledgeable or very helpful. So I did some research at home. There’s loads of information on the internet, I found this article from the Good Run Guide helpful: 

I went back to the store armed with my knowledge to find some that were suitable for my feet, and also importantly felt comfortable. I ended up buying these in the sale, in black and purple:

Buying the shoes has been followed by a step by step process over a number of days consisting of: 1. Occasionally glancing at the box  2. Getting the shoes out of the box  3. Moving the shoes next to the door so I have to see them as I leave the house  4. Eventually, putting the shoes on. 


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