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Posted by Brett Fairhurst on 17 May 2012

My nephew died at 6 years old from meningitis. So, i have written a book about fishing which is 195 pages. If people donate £3 they can download this book and although i did put on my site and download page only 50% would go to Meningitis Research Foundation it is nearer 90%. I have stood the costs myself to pay for the site and admin fees.

There is a free 125 page download available for people to view the material. The only problem with doing this is people do not donate! I have just recently paid £60 to send an e-mail to someones list thinking loads of people would donate but no out of the 20,000 e-mail list they downloaded the free version! I have just donated the few that chose to donate today. So, thank you to those few.

If you are interested or go fishing or know anyone who is then please check this book out or let someone else know about the website. It is going toward a great cause after all. Maybe you could put the link on your facebook site or twitter to try and help me raise some money. Any help would really be appreciated not just from me but the research foundation and the lives that they will save.

here is the link to my website:

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