Esther's Running Blog Part 4 - Tracking My Progress


Posted by Esther Trackman on 16 January 2014

Two weeks in. According to the 10k training plan I should be able to run two miles by now. I’m not far off - my last run was 1.73miles, 19 minutes and 13 seconds of continuous running (I think measuring my distance to two decimal places is acceptable at this point!). 

So as a previously committed non-runner, how have I found these two weeks? The most surprising thing is not that I’ve enjoyed it, but that I can’t actually think of anything bad to say about my introduction to running. There was one day when I thought I was going to get a blister, but I just wore better socks for the next run and it was fine. I’ve spent more time outside more than I would have, I’ve watched beautiful sunsets and exchanged smiles with other runners (they think I’m a runner!!) 

The most enjoyable aspect of these first two weeks has been tracking my progress. I’ve downloaded an app onto my mobile phone which uses GPS to track where I am. After each run I can look back at my ‘log’ and see that this time I ran a little bit further, or for a bit longer, or a little bit faster than before. Even though the increases have only been small, I do feel fitter already and excited about progressing further.  My only issue is where to put my phone – at the moment I’m carrying my phone in one hand and my keys in the other rather awkwardly. Perhaps it’s time to look in to getting some running gear –something with pockets! 

If you haven’t got a mobile phone app like this I’d really recommend it, especially if you feel you need a bit of encouragement. There’s an article here with information about a few different ones, some of which are free -  

If you’ve been using something similar please do share your thoughts on our runners facebook page – 


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