brain tb


Posted by daud afridi on 07 August 2012

hello sir 18 months ago i was ill. the doctor said that i have suffer from brain tb. i treated for 18 months but i am not recovered and from tests it is reported that i still have tuberculosis. please tell me what is the reason


Posted on 11 November 2013

Comment by Pankaj Patil

I was also suffering brain tb .but now I was 80 per cured n my report is normal. My doctor is s.n.Shenoy.

Posted on 03 October 2013

Comment by imdad

hi sir 3 months ago my younger was ill doctor said to him your diagnosis is TBM we wil start to her treatment of advise in doctor now 1 month ago his Legs not working (his CT Scan report is wild ventricularmagely) so now what's we wil do?

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