Amber and Harvey as you have never seen them before


Posted by Jane Futrell on 17 January 2014

Two of our younger members, Amber Travers and Harvey Parry have been modelling for the world famous photographer Anne Geddes and her Protecting Our Tomorrows campaign.

Anne has been commissioned by Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics Limited to capture extraordinary images of children from around the world disabled by meningitis and septicaemia. Her book of the photographs is under wraps until World Meningitis Day on 24 April 2014, but a behind the scenes film of the photo shoot gives viewers a sense of what’s in store; beautiful and powerful images which inspire and humble you.

Amber, aged 5, and Harvey, 8, travelled with their families to studios in North London for their photographic sessions on Saturday 7 December and were thoroughly cosseted by Australian based Anne and her team. They spent hours in hair and makeup, were wrapped in floating fabric colour coordinated to their bespoke sets. In addition to the solo photos, there were some beautiful family portraits which will be treasured forever.

The Travers and the Parry families are both lovely looking to start with, but Anne has a way of bringing out even more beauty and strength. No surprise really. Anne is a global advocate for children and specialises in photographing them. There is an immediate warmth and understanding between her and her models which permeates the entire studio. And her team, including husband Kel, are amazing - making a highly unusual event feel relaxed and normal.

It was a really magical day and I was so pleased to spend time watching it happen. I know Amber’s mum Vicky and Harvey’s parents Carol and Jonathan are thrilled by the photographs.

Harvey said it was the first time he had ever felt comfortable being photographed: "Ann Geddes was really lovely. I watched her; she was so focused when taking the photographs of me she never took her eyes off me. There were loads of people around but she just looked at me and she was not overpowering or in your face .... for once this photographer, Anne made me feel proud about my amputations."

Vicky, adds: “We had an amazing time; really special. Amber’s older sister Jade was dressed in a similar style for the official photos. The girls looked so lovely together, really beautiful, and Amber did really well when being photographed on her own. I was very proud. I am really pleased we had the opportunity to do this and to share our story with people around the world.”

We shall share more images from Protecting Our Tomorrows as soon as possible. Meantime, don’t forget, if you want an update on MenB please visit our special page online.

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