After Listeria Meningitis and rebuilding cells


Posted by Douglas Terrone on 21 August 2014

Hi! My name is Doug,
In August of 2012 i was hospitalized with Listeria Meningitis for two months followed by home therapy and currently with vestibular and cognitive therapy. I suffer from constant headaches, double vision, neck and, back pain, fatigue, memory loss, to name a few. Spoke to three different neurologist's and they all said that "how I am after a year is how I will most likely be for life and that I lost so many cells in the cerebral part of my brain that it might not rebuild". Has anyone else had this said to them?? Just wondering because its been a year and I leveled off and stayed the same after five months and nothing has changed since.
Was also wondering if anyone ended up with having no sense of time? I can go on a trip for six hours and it feels like one hour. Thanks

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