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Confusion and Reality Memories


Posted by Valery Chaves on 21 November 2012

Hello I am interested in knowing if anybody that has had meningitis has had a episode of confusion between reality and dreams. I have a freind who had meningitis recently 7 months ago and now is having that phase. Trouble to distingish reality and what is not real and just dreams of memories. Anybody? I am concerned he thinks he might be going crazy but I think its an after effect of Meningitis.Please coment on myi post I would like to hear from all of you.


Posted on 23 November 2012

Comment by Douglas Terrone

I am 38 and got listeria meningitis. I was in a coma for 12 days and all my dreams while in the critical care unit (CCU) seemed so real. I spent two months in the hospital and hospital/rehab. I had to learn to walk again and still have double vision and forgetfulness. I was just put in the hospital only three and a half months ago and I still ask my my wife like a game. I will ask "Real or dream"? And ask her a question that felt so real but was not. I thought I bought a new Iphone. This was because my wife and I where talking about it before the disease. I had her and family checking the car because I swore I put it under the passenger seat. Thats how real it was. When I got in the car I checked and it was weeks after. It will hopefully come to your friend. Give it time. Everyones brains different. AT first I didnt remembering having my three kids and hearing that story KILLED me, but I was told it was the disease and moved on. I hope your friend can remember soon and move on also. good luck!!

Posted on 23 November 2012

Comment by Kaylee Faunce

Well I am currently 16 and almost 17. I have had that at age 4 1/2. I'm going deaf and have bone diseases. And I had that phase and I still do. Sometimes I think that some dreams are real but turns out they aren't I had the bacterial one in my spinal cord. This was in December when they had that huge out break. But I hope that is kinda helpful. I thought I was going crazy but with people I talked to its kinda common from my stand point.

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